Please be aware that the woodlice are active on this site constructing something bigger and better.
At any moment you may return to a page and find it completely different.
Please do not be alarmed, it was probably supposed to happen and if not it will surely change again in a minute.

Waking the Woodlouse!

Welcome to the Wonky Woodlouse industrious design camp!


Let us use this very first blog to set the scene of this far from ready site that leads to a future full of exciting new places to visit on the world wide web thanks to the wonky woodlouse web design team!

The Web Design Conundrum!

We have so many websites to build at the moment and there just aren’t enough woodlice to press all the buttons and pull all the levers right now! Phew it’s a busy time and we have only just started. So we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for visiting and hope you understand that our page is not going to see any action for a while, sorry about that.

Do you realise that it takes 80 woodlice to operate our keyboard and none of them will go near the mouse (they eat woodlice don’t you know). We are open for business though with several confirmed and many potential builds in the pipeline. We are also helping some customers with their social media profiles whist trying not to get distracted by their pretty posts. Of course our customers do come first and if that means this site would look good with tumble-weed for a while, then that is just how it’s going to be! Anyone wanting to discuss a website design and build, web or social media management or some training, just drop us a line on the contact form and we’ll stick you ahead of our own site too.

Do you want to see what we can actually do?

Here is our first site, provided to an amazing artist that we love. It is up and running with many of the required features whirring away happily.

Have a look at what Annabelle Valentine does at The Valentine Gallery.

Stay tuned for some more examples!

What are we going to provide with our web design?

Our sites will be based on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a very established platform and the most popular content management system around. It has a huge number of plugins available that can do almost anything (apart from straightening a wonky woodlouse sadly). We have been checking out what is available and have a great list to recommend you if you join us.

We have organised some super-fast hosting especially designed and dedicated to WordPress making it faster than your average WP site. Not only is that great for your visitors it is also something that twitches the whiskers of the Google crawlers. So better speed tends to make for better search engine ranking, which you might find useful.

WordPress is a nice platform to use and you can be blogging and adding events, posting photos, videos and music in no time and with the ease you want.

The thing with web design is that it can be fairly expensive to get something beautiful, clean, dynamic and exciting. But our woodlouse teams have made a great little template that can be tailored uniquely to you. So you get an affordable site that still has many of the bells and whistles that visitors talk about to their mates.

This service is predominantly aimed at Artists, Musicians and Photographers that are getting started and need to make an impact in their market straight away. This is also a good thing for Charities and Individuals who have a limited budget as well.

Of course we can add more features and services if you to splash out and we will happily manage things on your behalf if you like.
So if any of that interests you, drop us a line on our contact form.

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