Website Features

A great theme for a great look and ease of use

More about the theme

Wonky Woodlouse Websites are built using the GeneratePress theme which is really well written.
It is clean and lightweight, helping to keep the site fast. The features for controlling the appearance are easy to use and manage if you fancy a change after the site is finished.
All the premium add-ons are included for free with lifetime upgrades, see below.

Premium theme add-ons for free!

More about the add-ons

The GemeratePress theme comes complete with the premium add-ons pack.
There are a raft of appearance management features to make your site look extra special.
You can add code snippets easily without having to log in to the back end – you don’t want to go there if you don’t have to!

A responsive theme for all your mobile visitors

More about responsive behaviour

The design seamlessly resizes and restructures to fit different sized screens.
A critical feature for a modern site with so many of us surfing the net on our phones and tablets.


Easy to manage image galleries and lightbox

More about image management

We’ll add a gallery of your images during the design phase and show you how to add and remove images so you can make changes in the future.
Choose from mosaic, square or circle galleries and from a white or black lightbox.
See examples of the galleries here.

Website Security

More about security

We use 3 plugins that provide a good level of free security.

  • Anti-Spam to ensure you only have to moderate comments – assuming you want to let the public loose on your site!
  • Limited Logins to prevent brute force password attempts – a few tries in case you make a typo as a real person.
  • Anti-Virus, Firewall and Malware Scan A security suit that covers all the basics – probably all you need but ask about the premium version.

SEO and Fast Content Delivery

More about SEO and Speed

  • Our hosting provider is a WordPress specialist who works hard at keeping their servers running super fast for us.
  • We use a cache service alongside CloudFlare to speed things up nicely. Automatic image optimisation is available as one of the “THREE FOR FREE” plugins (see below)
  • We use an SEO checking plugin that helps identify areas that can be improved. Now you can log in and check our work and get help when adding new content yourself.
  • Want even faster? We can set you up with a premium speed up service.

Social Media Integration

More about social media

We can add Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to your website – you can see this in the widget bar to the top right of this page (below on your mobile).

As well as this we can add a share button to pretty much everything you add to the site (automatically added for new content). These are the networks we support:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Path
  • Pintrest
  • Pocket
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype

You can also have a print option if you need it.

“THREE FOR FREE” additional plugins

You can add any 3 of these plugins for free – there will be additional costs to adding more than 3.

More about additional plugins

  • Responsive videos – We can show you how to manually do this without a plugin (if you are reasonably technical), but this plugin gives you a handy button to do it for you! Add Youtube, Vimeo and content from other common video streaming services.
  • Posts for Page – We highly recommend this for people who aren’t that technical – and even some that are. Simply create a blog post, give it a category and it will arrive on the page you want!
  • Facebook Event Integration – Any event you have on your FB page will be there on your site, why double your work?
  • Image Optimisation – For a faster page load time, smaller images are best. I would recommend optimising your images before uploading them, but if you are not sure how to do this properly or want to save time, this plugin will automatically optimise your images (you can choose between going extra small with a slight loss of quality or a little smaller without quality loss).
  • Content Slider – Have any content displayed in a slider so that different news, features or images etc are all displayed one after the other. See a slider example here.
  • Google Reviews – Show your Google reviews and ratings instead of adding your own testimonials.

You can also add these specialist plugins for an additional price.

More about additional plugins

  • Events – We recommend using the Facebook events plugin, but if you want an events system that is separate from Facebook, just let us know.
  • Forum Area – Allow visitors to request help from each other.
  • Private User Login Area – Allow visitors to log-in to visit special pages.
  • File Downloads – You can add files for download.

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