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Affordable Websites that Look Great!

Our woodlice offer affordable websites, SEO and Social Media Marketing for WordPress websites that look great and perform excellently.

We have found a great theme that is quick and easy to mould into a beautiful looking website.
If you are looking for a simple yet elegant website with low costs and simple maintenance, this is the place for you.

£30 for the first page and £10 for each additional page – a price we are sure beats the competition hands down!
£20 per year hosting – again an unbelievable price, bet you can’t find a better one.
Note that domain names cost extra and we recommend you buy that yourself, although we are happy to organise that for you and recommend a provider.

So to conclude – affordable websites that look great!

But if it is that cheap, surely I’m not getting a very good service? Wrong!

We do this for a hobby, so we aren’t trying to make a living out of it. And don’t forget, woodlice are pretty cheap to feed!

I won’t write fancy bespoke code to provide the whiz bang features.
We just install a plugin to do it for you without needing to charge extra

There are free plugins for everything on WordPress so why pay for something unnecessary?

We paid for a professional theme and guess what, we have a license for unlimited sites and unlimited upgrades.
That means we can use the theme on your website for free
– forever!
We bought early and now we all benefit from the original unlimited license that are no longer availalbe.
The theme provides sooo many nice features that make a site look fabulously beautiful and ensure swift, thus cheap, high quality designs.

Our hosting provider has a sliding scale of pricing for the number of sites, so we pass on our bulk discount without compromising on the full price service.
All of our WordPress hosting is on enterprise grade servers which provides a quick, always available platform for your WordPress site.
An automation service that updates WordPress and all your plugins equals free site maintenance.
You don’t need to pay us to look after the basics because robot woodlice do it for us.

So to conclude another time – affordable websites that look great!

Bedtime for a woodlouse that designs affordable websites

Great! So what are the drawbacks?

OK, OK, you’re right, you don’t get everything at this price – just like a budget airline. Although we are probably more reliable and will get you there every time.
We don’t provide a service contract, if you want any changes after the initial hand over it will cost you £12 per hour – which is pretty cheap and likely to be less than a service contract.
The base price only includes the plugins from our shortlist – if you want anything else it costs extra to find and install – but don’t worry our list covers all the essentials.
Want to know how to update your site yourself? Sure, we can show you for a small fee – but we have a really nice simple trick for adding new content and keeping your visitors engaged with new content.
This is not my only job, it’s just a hobby. I won’t always be available to fix things. But that is OK because you just want a site made cheap. Plus we are reliable 😉
You have to host with us and only we have access to the back end. You don’t want to muck around back there though do you? Really?

Yep, that still makes it – affordable websites that look great!

In conclusion you know to choose Wonky Woodlouse – Affordable Websites that Look Great!

If you are wondering about all the repetition, that is the weight of SEO for you – it wants your focus key words A LOT.

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Bedtime for a woodlouse that designs affordable websites